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Microblading becomes extremely popular these day. The procedure is absolutely safe when performed by highly trained, knowledgeable master who follows the requirements of the State Health Department . It is extremely important to understand that microblading application might be risky since you have contact with blood; therefore, as required by law, the blades and pens used for the procedure should be sterile and of one-time use. High quality supplies can help every master to improve their job and increase customer’s satisfaction.  

Nadia Afanaseva has an extensive experience practicing microblading and permanent tattoo both in Russia and USA. During her journey in the industry, she was able to select best of the best suppliers and provide top quality microblading products for her clients. NM Beauty microblading supplies are used by top masters worldwide. When ordering from nmbeautycorp.com you can be sure that each microblading blade comes in sterile and safe envelope. With NM Beauty microblading pens you can be sure that the blade is attached securely and will deliver the exact, crisp strokes that you draw.

NM Beauty permanent make up and microblading inks deliver desired, long lasting colors and can be mixed with each other to achieve desired shade. In order to limit discomfort we suggest using NM Beauty numbing cream prior tweezing of the eyebrows and before depositing ink into client’s skin.

***note that ALL DESCRIPTIONS on this website are only applicable to NM Beauty microblading supplies. Other suppliers might have the same blade name and measurements but deliver a different effect, thickness and length.  

Microblading Supplies, Inks & Blades

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  • Microblading 12 Pin Blade Set of 5  - this blade is used to create medium length eyebrow hairs of medium thickness. 
  • Microblading 14 Pin Blade Set of 5  - this blade is used to create long, natural-looking eyebrow hairs of medium to above medium thickness. 
  • Microblading 7 Pin Blade Set of 5 -  this blade is used to create the finest, natural-looking eyebrow hairs. >
  • U-Shaped Microblading Blade -  this blade is used to create the fine, curved, natural-looking eyebrow hairs.

    One-time use, disposable blade. Sterile packaged!

    Manual Microblading Pen:

    Practice Skin:

        • 3 Dimensional Eye Design Practice Skin consists of 4 pairs of 3D eyes of different shapes, which makes it ideal for every technician who would like to either gain or improve his/her microblading or permanent makeup skills. 
        • Flat Eye Design Eyebrow Correction Practice Skin - this sheet contains 6 pairs of eyes with eyebrows of various fullness. 
        • Blank Tattoo Practice Skin work great both for professionals and beginners. Plain, flat surface of rectangular form is perfect for freestyle design and practice of various techniques from outlining to shading. This product is made from synthetic skin-like material and allows technicians to improve their skills and try out new products without practicing on real skin. This rectangular mat has similar feel as human skin and is thick enough for double sided usage.


    • Posted On March 22, 2018 by colleen zarr

      looking for company for wholesale

    • Posted On October 28, 2016 by Mike

      @Erum please go to our website eyedesignstore.com

    • Posted On October 10, 2016 by Erum

      Hi I m looking some products….for microblading….like colors…needels…….etc

    • Posted On August 24, 2016 by Vi Nguyen

      I would like to know more of the procedure and the products. Please send me a free intro kit if you offer that.

    • Posted On May 10, 2016 by Mike

      @BehnazHassani we offer dhl delivery for international shipping, it usually takes 2-5 business days.

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