Be a true beauty professional in our Protective Gowns

Although you may not work in a traditional office, a career in the beauty industry definitely does not make you any less of a professional. Looking and acting the part of a professional will help you excel no matter what your line of work, and as a beauty technician, this holds true.

At Eye Design we attribute much of our success to our skilled technicians, top-quality tools and artistic approach, but something that is often overlooked is our professionalism! We take every possible precaution when it comes to client safety and comfort, and that means doing a great deal to maintain a hygienic environment.

Client Protective Gowns are necessary--of course they help keep all your visitors germ-free, but they also help guard their skin and clothes from microblading/semi-permanent makeup pigments. As a technician, it is also extremely important to wear a disposable Protective Gown when working with blood.

Failure to shield your microblading and semi-permanent makeup clients from germs puts them at a greater risk to infection. While it is necessary for the clients themselves to keep up your aftercare instructions, you as the technician can also work to protect them from potential disaster!

Eye Design is absolutely client-oriented, but we also focus on technician safety; we can’t provide clients with state-of-the-art services if our techs are not in tip-top shape! Protecting ourselves from germs (and possible pigment spills) stops their spread and promotes an overall clean studio and workspace.

All your visitors will be happy to see that you make the extra effort to ensure their safety at your studio. Wearing a Protective Gown as a technician is something so simple you can do that will mean so much to your clients. We designed ours with knitted cuffs to minimize discomfort so that you are never distracted at work. They are easy to put on and take off (even when you are in a rush!) and are a available in a clean, crisp white color.

You will want to keep Eye Design’s disposable Protective Gowns on-hand always! Click here to snag them for yourself.

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