Keep your workspace clean with our disposable Bed Sheets

Before your clients ever get the chance to celebrate the new lashes, brows or lips you give them, they determine how clean your workspace is! Because this evaluation typically happens within the first few minutes of entering your studio--relatively long before you even begin the procedure--it is crucial to keep it as spotless as possible.

While of course you should maintain an immaculate client waiting area, restroom and front desk, we suggest you pay extra attention to the workspace itself. After all, this is where clients will be spending most of their time when they come to visit you. It is also where the treatment itself happens! Eyelash extensions, microblading and semi-permanent makeup can put the client at risk to infection, but with proper attention from the technician (as well as proper aftercare), everyone who visits your studio will enjoy their results without anything gone-wrong.

Eye Design has never experienced a case of infection. We hold ourselves and our studio to medical-grade hygiene standards!

Disposable Bed Sheets play a huge role in the cleanliness of your workspace. Not only do they keep your space looking more like a squeaky-clean doctor’s office, they actually work towards maintaining a healthy environment. (They’re not just for show!)

This simple-yet-significant piece of cloth stops the spread of germs from one visitor to the next by creating a barrier between the client and the bed. At 31 inches by 78 inches, Eye Design’s go-to Sheets fit most beds that beauty professionals use. The latex-free design also ensures our Bed Sheets will never irritate a client’s skin.

When done correctly, bleeding during microblading and semi-permanent makeup is extremely minimal, but even the slightest chance of a drop getting onto the bed is reason enough to use a Bed Sheet! Not to mention, plenty of germs not visible to the naked eye do exist.

When looking for a place to get lash extensions, microblading or semi-permanent makeup, potential clients often rely on word-of-mouth--and their friends and family who have already gone through the selection process will be sure to tell them which studios are clean and which are not. Which side will your be on?

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