Flawless brows made easy with our permanent makeup machine!

Eye Design’s second-ever Powder Effect MasterClass wrapped up earlier this week! After the success of our first Powder Effect MasterClass, our entire team is so grateful for another opportunity to share our revolutionary semi-permanent eyebrow solution with student technicians and aspiring artists from around the world. 

In order to give our models and clients the most flawless Powder Effect brows, we need beautiful pigments, as well as an easy-to-use, trustworthy and safe permanent makeup machine. The talented and experienced technicians at Eye Design, including our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, searched the entire industry to find the best tools and supplies! Alongside chemists and doctors, Nadia developed all of Eye Design’s pigment formulas. She also brought her favorite semi-permanent makeup machine to our students and customers!

Our Powder Effect MasterClass students (both the first and second groups!) achieved tremendous success using this machine during the three-day workshop! While it is not required to use Eye Design’s choice machine--they are always welcome to bring their own--most students choose to try ours for themselves. We couldn’t be happier! 

The permanent makeup machine, available at an exclusive, low price on eyedesignstore.com, works great on artificial skin, as well as on real skin! On Day 2 of our Powder Effect MasterClass, students first begin using the machine on artificial skin. They practice Eye Design’s signature five-point drawing method, plus various brow shapes and pigment-application techniques. Additionally, working for a full day on artificial skin allows students to get the feel for the machine in their hands if they do not have any previous experience. For students who do have previous experience, we believe that there is no such thing as enough practice.

While working on artificial skin, Eye Design University students receive one-on-one guidance and hands-on help from our studio’s most in-demand technicians. We are an extremely detail-oriented team, so your teachers will always help you correct even the smallest mistakes when you choose to learn with us! From inserting the cartridge and needle to the positioning of the permanent makeup machine in your hand, we know every detail matters in order to create beautiful, long-lasting results.

Day 3 of our Powder Effect MasterClass is always the most exciting! Each student receives two live models, hand-selected by the experts at Eye Design specially for the Powder Effect procedure. Models are booked for four hours each to ensure students have enough time to complete their work without feeling rushed or stressed. Just like on Day 2, we bring our entire team of brow professionals to the class in order to assist students one-on-one.

Because of our unique teaching methods, our MasterClass workshops are always a major success! Powder Effect results in a beautiful, soft-shaded gradient brow look. For clients and models who prefer an intense makeup look, we can give them bold brows. And for those who are searching for a soft, natural-looking brow, we can do that, too. Our techniques are all about versatility, individuality and making each client feel beautiful! The permanent makeup machine we chose to use and market helps us do just that, every single day. To shop it for yourself, along with our range of Powder Effect Pigments and other semi-permanent makeup tools, click here!

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Cheree January 2 2021

My daughter is starting a permanent makeup business – lips, brows, eyeliner. What tools do you recommend I purchase dis bee ? I recognize your products as the best. Do you have like a new business package ?

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