Beautiful lash extensions made easy with premium Eye Design accessories!

Every eyelash artist knows that giving your clients beautiful results takes a lot of patience, and surely your loyal clients appreciate the hard work and attention to detail that goes into each full set or refill. They leave your studio feeling beautiful every single time!

In addition to lots of practice, Eye Design recommends all lash artists invest in high-quality tools and supplies for success. This is key to your clients’ short- and long-term happiness! Of course, everyone wants jaw-dropping lashes from the moment they step out of the salon, but it takes a careful application and the right tools for the procedure to leave your clients’ natural eyelashes damage-free.

Thankfully, the best professional beauty supplies are available at affordable rates through Eye Design’s online store,, including disposable accessories for lash extensions. When it comes to beauty treatments like eyelash extensions, disposable accessories are necessary for keeping your workspace, your clients and yourself clean!

Two must-haves for eyelash artists, besides adhesives, tweezers and lashes themselves, are Eye Patches and Medical Tape. The best part? You can save even more when you shop wholesale! (To learn more about our wholesale pricing specials, click here.)

We searched the entire beauty industry and beyond for the highest-quality products for the technicians in our Fifth Avenue studio. When we found the best of the best (or developed it ourselves!), we decided to share our must-haves with professionals worldwide!

If you are already a working lash artist, then you probably use some form of Eye Patches, but have you tried our premium Eye Patches?

Eye Design’s lint-free Eye Patches are comfortable for the client and easy to apply for the technician. Removal is quick and painless! With a luxurious cooling and hydrating effect, Eye Patches were developed to comfort the client while hiding the lower lashes during their treatment.

As a technician, covering your client’s lower lashes is essential to success--you never want to get adhesive stuck to the lower lashes. Eye Patches keep this from happening and enhance the pampering feel of the treatment! Their soft contour allows for maximum comfort for all eye shapes. Because our Eye Patches are the highest-quality available, they are completely lint- and mess-free!

Medical-grade Tape is another essential for eyelash artists. Like our Eye Patches, Medical-grade Tape can be used to cover the lower lashes during the treatment, however, it is versatile and has many more uses! 

At the Eye Design studio, our technicians use Medical-grade Tape to lift the clients’ upper eyelids. Its flexibility allows for the most precise application during lash application without irritating or pulling on the client’s skin. Our Medical-grade Tape is safe for skin and recommended for customers who suffer from allergies.

Because it is so flexible, technicians--even beginners--can work with Medical-grade Tape quickly and easily. One roll creates 60 to 70 eye patches! 

To shop Eye Design’s Eye Patches and Medical-grade Tape (along with the rest of our products for beauty professionals), click here. Or, check out the beautiful results Eye Design’s lash artists create using these products on Instagram @nadia_afanaseva and @eye_design_ny!

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