Keep your studio sanitary with Barrier Film

In the beauty industry, the tiniest tools are often the most useful; you will hear us say this a lot at the Eye Design studio. From ultra-thin blades to Micro Brushes, we constantly rely on our smallest supplies day after day. Those of you who work in beauty as well can definitely relate! (And if you are just starting out in the industry, you will see for yourself shortly!)

Whether we are working with clients in our Fifth Avenue studio or training students at one of our Microblading MasterClass workshops, our team always uses Barrier Film to maintain optimal sanitization. In our constant quest to give every client beautiful results, Eye Design technicians grab hold of a variety of different tools from small lamps to hand mirrors throughout the microblading procedure. The procedure involves needles, so it is crucial that you protect yourself, your clients and your workspace from any possible bloodborne pathogens. One way we combat the risk of spreading BBP is through using Barrier Film.

Also known as barrier tape, Barrier Film is an easy-to-use medical-grade surface protector. At our Eye Design studio, we apply barrier film to our lamps, hand mirrors and any other surfaces with which the technician or the client may come in contact. This may include our supply carts and drawer pulls. Although we do wear surgical gloves throughout each procedure, we also change all of the Barrier Film after each client to ensure sanitation for both the technician and the next client. (Then, we clean-up with a medical-grade disinfectant.)

Eye Design’s Barrier Film, which is available in both blue and translucent, comes perforated for quick and easy use. Even the busiest technicians will be able to use this product with ease, and with 1,200 4-by-6 sheets per roll, you won’t have to fear running out for a while! It is self-adhesive, so there is no need to use any additional tape, glue or other supplies when you choose to work with Barrier Film.

Like all Eye Design products, our Barrier Film was developed *by* working technicians *for* working technicians. It is fuss-free and practical. Sheets easily tear off the roll and apart from one another for a custom fit every time. They are easy to remove from almost all surfaces without the use of scissors. Barrier Film never leaves a sticky residue behind, meaning that after removal, no excess adhesive will remain on any of your surfaces.

Our technicians recommend eyebrow artists everywhere keep this lightweight necessity on-hand at all times. Easily store rolls of Barrier Film in drawers, shelves or closets, so you can always have quick access to your backups. During appointments, keep a roll on your supply cart for an easy reach. You never know when you may need to replace Barrier Film on one surface or add more to another.

When choosing a technician, clients look for beautiful results, expert training and (of course!) a clean workspace. For beauty professionals, proper sanitation is essential for attracting and keeping clients. Barrier Film is a quick, easy and low-cost way to keep your studio hygienic.

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