NEW Microblading Pens by Eye Design New York

The Eye Design team is so excited to welcome a new family of Microblading Pens to our lineup! Our studio’s most loved needles are now available with a pre-attached pen: U-shaped, 10-pin, 12-pin and 14-pin. The new design makes your job as a microblading or permanent makeup artist easier than ever.

In addition to creating gorgeous and hyper-realistic semi-permanent beauty looks for all, our goal at Eye Design is to provide the best tools and supplies for technicians around the world. We thoroughly sourced and developed every single product on to bring you the best on the market for an affordable price. (Your order may also qualify for wholesale pricing, which will save you even more. Click here to learn more.)

With a hands-on approach from our studio’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, we created microblading (and manual Powder Effect) pens with flexible blades and small, ergonomic, no-slip grips. The blade remains securely attached to the pen throughout the procedure, providing the technician with full control of the tool. All blades made from 100 percent surgical-grade steel. They consist of ultra-fine pins that are three (3) times thinner than the average tattoo needle, which makes for a more comfortable client experience.

All of Eye Design’s Disposable Microblading Pens come sterilized and are for single use ONLY. Our manufacturer stelizes all Eye Design Microblading Pens using E.O. gas. Each pen is marked with an expiration date.

So, which pen is right for you?

With our high-quality tools at affordable prices, you may not have to choose between your favorites!


Our U-shaped blade is appropriate for almost all microblading techniques, with 18 ultra-thin needles that form one U-shaped row. It creates the most natural-looking fine, curved hair strakes; the shape makes it the perfect tool for drawing curvy hairs!


The 10-pin blade is used during microblading procedures to create precise and defined hair strokes of short or medium length and thickness. Its size makes it the best option for accurately passing over the same stroke twice. Often, Eye Design technicians use this blade to create thinner and shorter hairs on top of the brow and at the brow tail for the most natural effect.


Eye Design’s 12-pin blade seems to do it all! It is appropriate throughout the microblading process for creating precise and defined hair strokes of medium length and thickness, but its slightly larger size allows technicians to draw curvy hairs, too. Technicians still have the luxury of accurately passing over the same stroke twice with the 12-pin blade, with the added ability to create thinner and shorter hairs on top of the brow and at the brow tail for the most natural effect.


Perhaps the most unique option is the 14-pin blade, which features--you guessed it!--14 pins arranged in a zig-zag pattern. The atypical zig-zag setup is used for outlining the shape of the eyebrow, as well as sharpening the edges of the eyebrow, during the microblading procedure.

Please note that ALL DESCRIPTIONS are only applicable to EYE DESIGN products. Other suppliers may have a similar blade that delivers different results in terms of effect, thickness and length.

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