Nadia Afanaseva explains how to use the darkest Microblading Pigments

Did you know that Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva developed a range of premium Microblading Pigments for flawless results? The lineup includes six beautiful base shades and four Correction Colors: Caramel, Cappuccino, Coffee, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Ivory, Black, Orange and Yellow/Olive.

There is a shade in Nadia’s line to suit every skin tone and undertone. Permanent makeup artists can even create custom colors for their clients by mixing shades! At Eye Design, this is something our expert artists do every single day.

PMU artists and microblading technicians should always undergo proper training before they begin working with pigments. This is especially true for the darkest shades in the range Espresso and Black.

(If you would like more information on any of Eye Design University’s Masterclasses, click here. To enroll, call our Director of Classes at (917) 708-8870! Written and led by Nadia herself, you will learn everything you need to know about color theory in order to use pigments successfully!)

In addition to being our lead instructor, Nadia also enjoys sharing important information with beauty professionals (and aspiring beauty professionals) worldwide via social media!

Do you follow Nadia on Instagram @nadia_afanaseva? If you don’t, be sure to start so that you never miss a post from her! Nadia works hard to make sure all the tips, tricks and techniques she shares on social media are always available in three world languages: English, Spanish and her native Russian.

Recently, Nadia shared her must-know advice for using the two darkest shades in her line of Microblading Pigments.

These pigments are not used very often, especially Black, which was actually developed as a Correction Color. At Eye Design, we typically use Espresso on the deepest skin tones. It was developed for microblading, but can be mixed with sterilized distilled water or our Pigment Thinner for micro-shading/Powder Effect.

Nadia does NOT recommend using Black on its own when it comes to the brows. During the microblading, Powder Strokes and Powder Effect processes, Nadia states that the best way to use Black is by combining it with other pigments to make them darker (or use it to create a custom correction color). While working, Nadia advises that your mixture should contain 20 percent Black or less in order to achieve successful results.

*Tip: Follow the same 20-percent rule when using Eye Design’s Ivory Correction Color to lighten any base pigment. With proper application, Ivory can also be used to correct minor mistakes, such as one or two misplaced hair strokes.

Experienced permanent makeup artists may also find that they love using our Black Correction Color for eyeliner and lash effect/lashline enhancement techniques! On clients with fair skin, artists may want to mix Black with a brown shade for a softer eyeliner look. This is an especially flattering option for clients with freckles. (To learn pigment mixing or application techniques for permanent eye makeup, enroll in Nadia’s all-new Permanent Makeup Masterclass!)

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