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If you’ve ever browsed the beauty aisle, then you’re well aware of all the different types of tweezers. And, unless you’re a makeup artist, lash artist, or microblading technician, you’re probably not too versed in the tweezer world.

Here’s seven common tweezer shapes you should know about.

Slant-Tip Tweezers

Slant tip tweezers are a beauty staple. These bad boys are ideal for tweezing eyebrows – the slanted edge gives them the ultimate advantage when it comes to precise plucking. Slant tip tweezers can also be used to apply false lashes.

Point-Tip Tweezers

Point-tip tweezers might look a little scary, but they’re perfect for plucking really thin, short hairs.

Pointed-Slant Tweezers

If you combine the previous two kinds of tweezers, you’ll get a set of pointed-slant tweezers.

Flat-Tip Tweezers

Flat-tip tweezers were not designed to tweeze hairs, as they’ll pull out way too many at once. They are, however, great for other things, like applying false lashes.

Round-Tip Tweezers

Round-tip tweezers, like flat-tip tweezers, are not meant to tweeze hairs straight-on. Round-tip tweezers are perfect for tweezing at an angle.

Arched-Claw Tweezers

Arched-claw tweezers provide a little more leverage than your average set of tweezers, which is super useful when tweezing hard-to-see areas like around the bikini line.

Wide-Grip Tweezers

Wide-grip tweezers can come in just about any tip shape you want. The “wide-grip,” however, is for comfort and control.


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