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If you’ve ever been to a tattoo shop, then you know there are a variety of ink colors to choose from, from white ink to fluorescent ink.

Like tattoo parlors, microblading studios also have a range of pigments to choose from, though the decision process is a bit more complicated. But, don’t worry. Eye Design has created a super simple pigment color chart based on the Fitzpatrick Scale to help you figure out which one of our newest mineral-based pigments is the best color for your skin tone/hair color.


Designed specifically for clients who are a five or a six on the Fitzpatrick Scale, our Espresso pigment is the perfect color to use on customers with dark skin, dark eyes, and black hair.

Dark Chocolate

Eye Design’s Dark Chocolate pigment can be used on clients who are a four, five, or six on the Fitzpatrick Scale. Our Dark Chocolate pigment is ideal for clients with yellow-olive undertones and should only be used on customers with dark hair.


Our Chocolate pigment is our most universal pigment and can be used on clients who are a three, four, or five on the Fitzpatrick Scale.


Like the name implies, our Coffee pigment is great for darker blondes and brunettes, in addition to customers with black hair and light skin. Eye Design’s Coffee pigment should be used on clients who are a three, four, or five on the Fitzpatrick Scale.


Just a shade darker than our Caramel pigment, Cappuccino can be used on clients who range between a one and a three on the Fitzpatrick Scale.


Our sixth pigment, Caramel, was designed with fair skinned beauties who burn easily in the sun. The Caramel pigment should be used on clients who are a one or a two on the Fitzpatrick Scale.

Eye Design’s pigments were developed by New York’s brow Queen, Nadia Afanaseva herself. Made with a mineral-based formula, our pigments are hypoallergenic and use FDA approved ingredients.


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