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If you’re a novice to the permanent makeup game, then you might not know exactly why microblading is not the same as eyebrow tattooing. While microblading is technically a type of tattooing, there’s quite a few differences between the two.

Microblading Deals With Pigments Instead of Ink

Tattoo artists use liquid ink, whereas microblading artists use pigments. Unlike ink, pigments fade to a lighter version of the color that is used instead of fading into a blue-green color, like most tattoo ink tends to do.

Eye Design’s newest collection of all-natural, mineral-based pigments are proven to last without changing color.

If you’ve ever seen someone with blocky eyebrows that have an odd blueish-green tint to them, then they most likely had their eyebrows tattooed – which was super popular a long time ago.

Individual Strokes Vs. Tattooed Brow Lines

The technique microblading artists use is very different than the technique used by tattoo artists. Instead of making one thick, dark brow, microblading creates a series of individual hair-like strokes that look identical to your natural brow hairs. These individual strokes only grace the upper layers of skin, whereas tattoo ink penetrates deeper layers. You can find more information about microblading procedure  in New York City at Eye Design website.

Micro-bladed Brows are Semi-Permanent NOT Permanent

Eyebrow tattooing is a permanent procedure, microblading is not. Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that can last anywhere between one to three years. Unlike tattooing, microblading allows you to change the shape and style of your brows as often as you like.

Microblading Healing Vs. Brow Tattoo Healing

One similarity these two procedures have in common is that both will take four to six weeks to fully heal. Both procedures will also require a touch-up once the brows are healed enough to fill in the areas where the pigment or ink didn’t take.

But, unlike tattoos, if there’s a microblading line or stroke you’re unhappy with, it will be super easy to fix when you go back for your touch-up.


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