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NM Beauty offers professional supreme quality products for masters in eyelash and eyebrow industry. Our products were developed by a leading eyelash master and # 1 Volume eyelash coach - Nadia Afanaseva. Based on her extensive teaching and practice experience, Nadia was able to select products that are high quality, that are safe and easy to work with.

Every NM Beauty lash extension tray is designed for 12-14 full set eyelash extensions, each lash is easy to part from the strip and has a natural finish on the tip. The individual strip is also comfortable to create volume fans. NM Beauty eyelash extensions do not lose its curl throughout wear; therefore, are easy to work with during refills as they remain in original form and direction.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Extensions Kits and Adhesive Supplies

1)	professional top quality eyelash extension supplies eyebrow extensions kits adhesives

We offer variety of adhesives with different dry speed for both beginners and professionals in eyelash industry. NM Beauty primers strip out excess oils, dirt and makeup and guarantee a strong and lasting attachment. Our cream removers are effective to dissolve adhesives, safe for natural lashes and are easy to work with due to its thick consistency.

Using high quality supplies saves application time for professional technicians; it also allows to provide better quality service for customers, service that they will come back for.

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