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With the variety of curls currently in the market, it might be confusing for an eyelash master to choose the product that they are looking for. High quality brands are usually consistent with their products, therefore, you can be sure that the curl will be the same for every tray and if you are mixing different lengths each individual lash will compliment each other. At least this is true for NM Beauty products, says Nadia Afanaseva - celebrity eyelash master based in NYC and LA. She explained the differences in curl for eyelash extensions, but once again, not every manufacturer keeps the same, accepted standards in their eyelash extensions curl type. The below explanation only applies to NM Beauty eyelash extensions.

eyelash extensions curl type differences

Available Curl Types for Eyelash Extensions: 

C curl - slight, natural curl often used for customers who are looking to achieve very natural look, this type of curl does not open the eye much, therefore, might not be the best choice for people who have “closed eyes”

CC curl - the most often used type of curl especially during volume application, this curl allows to open up the eye, pick up the lashes that are growing down and create a fresh and rested look for a client

D curl - this type of curl is used to create a more dramatic effect, it is also recommended to use on clients who want to extremely open up their eye

L curl - is often used for asian clients, or those whose lashes grow down; this curl is used for natural look. Because of it’s flat base, the attachment between natural and faux lash is lasting and secure. The curved part of the lash, picks up natural lashes that are growing down and allows to slightly and naturally open up the eye

LC curl - just as an L curl, LC curl has a flat base, however, the curl in LC curl is stronger which allows to open the eye visible and create glamourous look with the slight “eyelash curler effect”.

LD curl - flat base and extreme curl, this type of lash extensions is used for “growing down lashes” that is frequently common but not limited to asian clients. LD curl is a strong curl, it can be used to create an “effect of eyelash curler”

The above description and pictures are true for NM Beauty eyelash extensions, therefore, you can be confident that your order will match the picture. “Other brands might use different names of the curl or just download their pictures from the internet but their actual eyelash extensions curl type might be different” says Nadia Afanaseva. She mentioned that “ as a master you have to keep in mind that the stronger the curl - the shorter the lash will be, always make sure to select the right length and thickness for your client and never use lashes thicker than 0.20 - they will overpower natural lashes and create damage”

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Hi I learnt the lashes from Manhattan but I m looking for a class for volume lashes that how to create a volume and wat kind of lashes we should use , so kindly help me for that how much is the class email me and u guys r located in Manhattan or no bcc I can go only in Manhattan jersey or Brooklyn biz I’m from state island thanks

Tanya J. September 16 2015

What a great explanation! Valuable advice for a beginner like myself.

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