Shop + save online when you take an Eye Design University class!

Save big on all the lash, brow and permanent makeup products you need and learn expert techniques by enrolling in an Eye Design University training workshop of your choice. All of our alumni receive a lifetime 10-percent discount on!

Online you can shop Eye Design’s wide range of professional tools and supplies, the exact products the technicians at our Fifth Avenue studio use every single day! We stock high-quality eyelashes, adhesives, microblading and Powder Effect pigments, pens, blades and so much more at the lowest prices in the industry. You can also find the disposable products you need to keep your workspace clean from client to client, as well as practice materials, such as artificial skins.

Our team worked extremely hard to find and develop the best supplies in the beauty industry. Everything you see on our site was tested rigorously by Eye Design’s working technicians and received their stamp of approval before they are listed on our website! (If you have ever had a procedure done at our studio, the same exact tools and products were used on you!)

Eye Design University offers a variety of courses for professionals, including private classes and group workshops. We host microblading and Powder Effect (micro-shading) workshops for eyebrows, as well as private brow classes. Our Top Technician Anastasia also hosts private Basic and Russian Volume classes for eyelash extensions weekly! All Eye Design University classes are written and led by our studio’s leading technicians, who are there to guide you every step of the way.

Throughout the years, more than 5,000 professionals have graduated from an Eye Design University course. Our microblading/Powder Effect alumni go on to open or grow their own businesses and earn upwards of $416,000 a year (based on 10 procedures per week at $800 each), while former lash students $234,000 a year (based on 15 procedures per week at $300 each). Keep in mind these income examples do not include gratuities!

When you work with high-quality tools and supplies, your clients whill keep coming back to you (and maybe even recommend their friends go to you, too). The best part is, you can save on everything you buy from! In addition to our wholesale discounts, Eye Design University graduates enjoy 10 percent off every purchase with their custom discount codes. (The week following the class, your code will be worth 20-percent off!) We also hold sales regularly during major holidays, so you can save even more.

Additionally, all students leave our workshops with a bag full of Eye Design supplies! These kits are worth hundreds of dollars and include enough products for your first 20 clients or models. Microblading and Powder Effect students receive Eye Design’s exclusive Pigments! Our first-of-their-kind, mineral-based and hypoallergenic formulas come in six microblading base shades plus four correction colors, as well as six Powder Effect base shades. There is a perfect match for all of your clients’ skin tones and undertones! You can also mix pigments to create custom colors whenever you need to. (Eye Design’s microblading and semi-permanent makeup experts do it all the time!)

To shop Eye Design’s online store and save using your personal discount code, click here! If you would like to learn more about Eye Design University professional training programs, click here.

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