Use Eye Design's premium lash extensions for stunning BOTTOM LASHES!

Are you an eyelash artist? Why not broaden the range of services you can offer your clients with lower lash extensions!

You already know that offering different options for volume helps increase your clientele base (and your income, too). Once you feel comfortable with Russian Volume techniques, which we know your clients will love, you can move onto other advanced lash artistry techniques, such as lower lash extensions.

We encourage all lash technicians to learn how to do this so that they can provide complete looks for their clients and models! While lower lash extensions are not as time-consuming as Russian Volume techniques, it can be difficult to get the hang of them--especially when you are only used to working with upper lashes.

In general, eyelash extensions require extreme preciseness and attention to detail. Because lower lashes tend to be shorter, thinner and less voluminous than upper lashes, working with them can be tricky!

Eye Design’s premium eyelash extensions were developed by the experts at our Fifth Avenue studio for beauty professionals worldwide. They are the same exact ones we use in our studio every single day, and of course, they always receive our founder and Master Technician Nadia’s stamp of approval!

Just like the rest of our tools and supplies, all of our individual eyelash extensions are high quality and outperform others on the market. They come ready to be used on all of your clients’ natural lashes, including the lower lashes.

So that you, the artist, can create something that suits every client’s personal style and one-of-a-kind facial features, Eye Design offers a mix of lengths, thicknesses, curls and even colors!

While most of our lash extensions come standard in a rich, pure black color that looks incredibly natural (unlike others on the market that tend to look blue-black), Eye Design’s online store also carries the following colors: Red, Red-Brown, Wine, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Green, Blue, Aqua, Purple, Pink, Brown, Light Brown and Dark Brown.

Mixing bright colors like yellow, orange or aqua with basic black lashes can really make your clients’ eyes pop. On the other hand, mixing brown with black softens the overall look (this is a common choice for many of Eye Design’s blonde clients).

Our standard lash extensions are made from soft, natural-looking synthetic fibers. Synthetic materials allow Eye Design’s lashes to remain cruelty-free and hypoallergenic! Technicians who want to give their clients a more luxurious experience can opt for our Royal Silk collection.

Individual lashes from Eye Design are always conveniently placed next to each other on one line, which makes them ideal for both volume and classic application. Unlike natural mink lashes, our synthetic fiber lashes always keep their original curl and are easy for clients to maintain after application.

Speaking of which, Eye Design offers all the must-have lash curls: C, CC, D, L, LC and LD! In a range of 8 to 15 millimeters, you will find the right lash for any client! Our individual eyelash extensions can be used for both Basic and Russian Volume application.

At the Eye Design studio, our talented technicians have four options for volume on the upper lashes (Natural, Glamour, Dramatic and Kim’s Effect), and one standard volume application method for the lower lashes. Typically, a client’s lower lashes are not as strong as their upper lashes, so it is not safe to apply heavy volume to them. In addition to giving you beautiful eyelash extensions, we want to protect your natural lashes!

To shop Eye Design’s entire range of eyelash extensions, click here. If you are interested in learning Nadia's techniques for eyelash extensions, click here.

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