Practice semi-permanent makeup on artificial skin

Practice is essential for both new and experienced microblading or permanent makeup artists. Eye Design’s range of premium faux skins allow you to try your skills anywhere, anytime. They are loved by our technicians and our Eye Design University students alike!

Everything you need for Powder Effect is available now!

Powder Effect, also known as microshading or shadow/ombré effect, is the fastest-growing semi-permanent treatment in the beauty industry. Find all the essential tools and supplies you need for a successful Powder procedure on our online shop!

Disposable pens for microblading at Eye Design

We recommend our new range of Disposable Pens for beginner microblading techs and those who are still learning. With the blade already attached, Disposable Pens are convenient, easy to use and sanitary!

Amazing results with Eye Design's Powder Effect machine tools

The key to flawless semi-permanent brows is top-notch tools. Eye Design’s newest equipment is the best in the business for Powder/Shadow Effect (microshading). Want to see the results for yourself? Keep reading to learn how you can begin offering this life-changing service to your clients.

Meet Eye Design's Powder Effect Pigments

Eye Design’s revolutionary mineral-based pigments for Powder/Shadow Effect (microshading) are coming soon! Are you ready to learn more about our new range of microshading pigments?

Eye Design Lip Pigments are coming soon!

You already love Eye Design’s Microblading Pigments. With a gel-like consistency, they are perfect for all manual techniques. Now, it is time for Lip Pigments, developed by our studio specifically for semi-permanent lip makeup techniques.

Have you noticed the new pigments on our Instagram feed?

Eye Design’s NEW Powder Effect Pigments have been plastered all over our Instagram--did you notice? Our team has been using them on clients for months now, and we love sharing the results with you!

NEW Microblading Pens by Eye Design New York

Eye Design makes microblading easy! Whether you are an aspiring beauty professional, or you have tons of experience as a technician, you will love the convenient new Microblading Pens. 

Keep your studio sanitary with Barrier Film

Not only do clients want beautiful brows, they want a clean and safe experience! Put your clients at ease with Eye Design’s Barrier Film, hand-picked by our technicians to protect you and your clients from bacteria and bloodborne pathogens. Exceptional hygiene is a must no matter what type of beautiful professional you are!

Give your clients a luxurious experience with Royal Silk lashes

As a beauty professional, one way to instantly elevate your clients’ experience is to provide the highest quality products available. Eye Design’s Royal Silk eyelash extensions are a great option for lash technicians everywhere! Click ‘READ MORE’ to learn what makes our luxury collection so special.

NEW Eye Design Pigments for Powder Effect (coming soon!)

If you love our mineral-based Microblading Pigments, the Eye Design team has good news. We're in the final steps of developing a NEW range of Pigments for Powder Effect! Eye Design funder and Master Tech Nadia Afanaseva has already started using her new colors in our studio. Ready to try them for yourself? Keep reading! 

The only tool you will need for Powder Effect (microshading)

Eye Design University will soon be home to one of the world’s first Powder Effect MasterClass training programs, but did you know we will also be launching several new products related to our exclusive microshading technique? First up is a machine tool tested and approved by the talented and experienced technicians at Eye Design.

Pre-made volume fans: A helpful tool for all eyelash artists

How could such a little tool be so helpful? Eye Design’s pre-made volume fans do the impossible! Lash artists and beauty professionals everywhere should know exactly how our pre-made volume fans work. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Eye Design Elixir is BACK!

The eyebrow area may itch or become dry after microblading or semi-permanent makeup. While this is completely normal, Nadia and the Eye Design team worked hard to formulate the perfect solution--now with better packaging!

Flocked Applicators: The ideal shape for versatility

Eye Design’s Flocked Applicators are perhaps the most versatile little tools we keep in our studio. With seemingly endless uses, our technicians are always finding new ways these so-called “Lipsticks” can help us out. How will you use them?

Be a true beauty professional in our Protective Gowns

Let your clients know you care deeply about safety and comfort by always adding a Protective Gown over your clothes! The Eye Design team selected ours with function and technique in mind, and we are so excited to be able to share them with other technicians worldwide.

Keep your workspace clean with our disposable Bed Sheets

Maintaining a hygienic studio plays a major role in client satisfaction. Thankfully, there are a ton of little things you can do to make sure your visitors feel safe and comfortable throughout their treatment. Invest in disposable Bed Sheets to protect clients from germs and infections!

Every beauty professional needs this tool to achieve flawless results

Micro Brushes, a seemingly small tool, actually play a rather large role in the work our technicians do here at Eye Design. Want to know exactly how we use this multi-purpose tool? Keep reading!

Save more with our lash kits!

Want to save cash and still stock-up on everything you need to be a great eyelash technician? Of course you do! Discover Eye Design’s essential lash kits for premier products without the unnecessary price markups.

Accomodate even the most sensitive clients with our special formula adhesive

Clients can be particular about their beauty treatments, especially when they are paying top dollar to receive them! Eye Design’s team of technicians wants everyone to enjoy the huge confidence boost our services can offer, so we added a few key tools to better serve those clients with sensitive skin and eyes. Meet our Sensitive Adhesive for eyelash extensions.

Create fluffy, feathery brows with our Sculpting Pen

For the most natural-looking semi-permanent brows, you will need Sculpting Pen, a precise tool specifically designed for creating detailed hairstrokes in one of the most difficult-to-reach sections of the brow. Developed by Eye Design’s practicing technicians, this microblading pen will make your job so much easier.

Which microblade is right for you?

Fourteen blades may seem like a lot to choose from, and the Eye Design team understands that you want to make the smartest decision. For those of you looking to add a new blade to your toolkit, take a look at the complete break-down of our range!

This is how our technicians mix pigments for the best results

All of our clients are unique, so it is only fitting that Eye Design’s technicians love to create custom colors for each one. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for combining pigments to achieve the perfect shade every at every appointment!

Meet our new pigment thinner

If you love our pigment range but can’t get used to the thick consistency or rich hues, give our new Pigment Thinner a try! This good-for-you formula dilutes our Microblading Pigments, making them perfect for the technician who prefers to work with a lighter, more liquidy product. 

Work faster with our Triple Manual Microblading Pen

From beginners who are unsure which pen to purchase, to experienced technicians who practice several different techniques, Eye Design’s Triple Manual Pen is an incredibly versatile must-have. Not only is this durable, lightweight microblading tool double-sided, it has a third hidden side that makes switching needles easier than ever!

Our calipers were designed based on a centuries-old mathematical formula

All microblading and semi-permanent makeup artists should be very familiar with the Golden Mean, an ancient formula used to perfect art and architecture. Eye Design created calipers--the one tool every technician needs--utilizing the Golden Ratio to ensure the correct proportions for each individual client.

What customers have to say about our top 7 bestsellers

In addition to our exclusive techniques, we believe state-of-the-art products are necessary for creating fabulous results! That is why we want to share our tools, pigments and lash extensions with technicians everywhere. Is your favorite Eye Design product one of our bestsellers? Read on to find out.

Why we chose inorganic pigments

Curious about the formulation of our mineral-based Microblading Pigments? Let’s explore organic versus inorganic ingredients, and I will explain why the latter are more favorable for these types of products.

Once you try our eyelash extensions primer, you'll never go back!

Curious about what makes our lash extensions the best in the business? You might want to stock up on Eye Design’s Primer for Lash Extensions; your clients will thank you.

Wow your friends with colored lash extensions

You don’t have to search far for the colored lash of your dreams! In addition to classic black, Eye Design is excited to offer 12 brightly hued lash extensions so you and your clients can rock even the boldest looks you desire.

Show your lower lashes some love with Eye Design's lower lash extensions

Top lash extensions are all the rage! But where’s the hype for lower lash extensions? They are totally a thing. Let us explain why we always spread the love to our lower lashes!

Dr. Numb will see you now: The perfect pre-procedure anesthetic

Anesthetic is essential for all microblading and permanent makeup procedures. So, it is important to stock up on one you and your clients can trust.

Eye Design's Eyelash Extension Remover Cream is a must-have

Sick of messy or irritating liquid- or gel-based extension removers? We feel you! That’s why Eye Design formulated this gentle, yet effective Cream Remover. 

Eyebrow Elixir: The microblading aftercare product we swear by

Eye Design wants the best for your newly microbladed brows. To help you achieve those gorgeous results you’ve been dreaming of, we formulated the best of the best aftercare product to add to your routine. 

Trusted products that improve your natural lashes

Clients often ask if our lash extensions will harm their natural lashes; we’re determined to defy that stereotype with our unique product range. 

Tweezer 101: Everything You Need to Know About Tweezers

If you’ve ever browsed the beauty aisle, then you’re well aware of all the different types of tweezers. And, unless you’re a makeup artist, lash artist, or microblading technician, you’re probably not too versed in the tweezer world.

Here’s seven common tweezer shapes you should know about.