Wow your friends with colored lash extensions

You don’t have to search far for the colored lash of your dreams! In addition to classic black, Eye Design is excited to offer 12 brightly hued lash extensions so you and your clients can rock even the boldest looks you desire.

Show your lower lashes some love with Eye Design's lower lash extensions

Top lash extensions are all the rage! But where’s the hype for lower lash extensions? They are totally a thing. Let us explain why we always spread the love to our lower lashes!

Dr. Numb will see you now: The perfect pre-procedure anesthetic

Anesthetic is essential for all microblading and permanent makeup procedures. So, it is important to stock up on one you and your clients can trust.

Eye Design's Eyelash Extension Remover Cream is a must-have

Sick of messy or irritating liquid- or gel-based extension removers? We feel you! That’s why Eye Design formulated this gentle, yet effective Cream Remover. 

Eyebrow Elixir: The microblading aftercare product we swear by

Eye Design wants the best for your newly microbladed brows. To help you achieve those gorgeous results you’ve been dreaming of, we formulated the best of the best aftercare product to add to your routine. 

Trusted products that improve your natural lashes

Clients often ask if our lash extensions will harm their natural lashes; we’re determined to defy that stereotype with our unique product range. 

Tweezer 101: Everything You Need to Know About Tweezers

If you’ve ever browsed the beauty aisle, then you’re well aware of all the different types of tweezers. And, unless you’re a makeup artist, lash artist, or microblading technician, you’re probably not too versed in the tweezer world.

Here’s seven common tweezer shapes you should know about.

Knowing Your Adhesive - How to Choose What's Best for You and Your Client

Eye Design offers four different types of adhesives – Platinum, Super, Ultra, and Ultra-Sensitive. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide which one is best for your clients.

How to Use Eye Makeup Remover the Right Way

You’ve probably heard the old saying “the eyes are the window to the soul,” right? Well, in a sense, this is true. Our eyes convey emotion, allowing the world to see who we are and what we’re thinking (to an extent, of course).

Microblading Vs. Eyebrow Tattooing

If you’re a novice to the permanent makeup game, then you might not know exactly why microblading is not the same as eyebrow tattooing. While microblading is technically a type of tattooing, there’s quite a few differences between the two.


You’re Going to Love These Espresso-Inspired Pigments

If you’ve ever been to a tattoo shop, then you know there are a variety of ink colors to choose from, from white ink to fluorescent ink.

Like tattoo parlors, microblading studios also have a range of pigments to choose from, though the decision process is a bit more complicated. But, don’t worry. Eye Design has created a super simple pigment color chart based on the Fitzpatrick Scale to help you figure out which one of our newest mineral-based pigments is the best color for your skin tone/hair color.


Eye Design Eyebrow Elixir - The Perfect Microblading Aftercare Product

Eye Design NY has recently released a new line of microblading aftercare products specially made for clients who want thicker, healthier brows.

best microblading aftercare product

As you know, microblading aftercare is an important part of the healing process, and only the best studios offer effective, high-end products. Even if the procedure went flawlessly, the result of the procedure is ultimately up to the client and their aftercare routine, which is where our formula comes in.

Treat Your Customers With a Foaming Facial Cleanser That Works

As a part of our newest product line, Eye Design NY has created a new Foaming Facial Cleanser designed specifically for clients with eyelash extensions and permanent makeup.

Our Foaming Facial Cleanser is an American-made cleanser made with Vitamins A, B, C, and E, in addition to Zinc, Potassium and Calcium, all of which are essential for healthy, refreshed skin and long lashes.

Artificial Skin for Microblading

Artificial Microblading skin is ideal for beginners and advanced microblading artists.

Eye Design New York developed special microblading artificial skin which makes microblading training easier. We believe that if you consistently practice everyday, you will gain experience quicker while improving your technique. 

Eye Design’s microblading tools, featuring: sterilization, expiration date

In order to give your clients the best results, you need to be sure that you are following your state’s safety regulations. Eye Design makes it easier for you.

Rebranding Announcement NM Beauty in now Eye Design New York

Rebranding Announcement

We are excited to share some important news about our company’s evolution. On May 10th, we are rebranding as Eye Design New York Professional Beauty Supply Store to better align our name with the scope of services we provide. In today’s market it is essential to stay relevant and welcome opportunities to make progress. In the spirit of renovation, NM Beauty has done just that. Our company established a reputation as a reliable supplier of luxury professional products around the world.

Pre-made 2D and 3D Volume Lash Fans

We introduce you to the new Easy Volume solution - Pre-made 2D and 3D Volume Lash Fans

Most Popular Eyelash Extensions Thickness, Length and Curl

Students often ask us what are the most popular eyelash extensions by thickness, length and curl...

Microblading Supplies - NM Beauty

Microblading becomes extremely popular these day. The procedure is absolutely safe when performed by highly trained, knowledgeable master who follows the requirements of the State Health Department . It is extremely important to understand that microblading application might be risky since you have contact with blood; therefore, as required by law, the blades and pens used for the procedure should be sterile and of one-time use. High quality supplies can help every master to improve their job and increase customer’s satisfaction. ding becomes extremely popular these day. The procedure is absolutely safe when performed by highly trained, knowledgeable master

Eyelash Extensions Curl Type - NM Beauty

With the variety of curls currently in the market, it might be confusing for an eyelash master to choose the product that they are looking

Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies & Kits – NM Beauty

NM Beauty offers professional supreme quality products...